Hail is no laughing matter! Even a relatively minor hail storm can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your property. Our dent puller in Kansas City has seen some pretty incredible hail damage on vehicles that were only out in the storm for a few minutes. The biggest hail storms can be even more serious, causing property damage to vehicles and homes and even putting lives at risk! Think you’ve seen bad hail storms? Check out this list of some of the worst hail storms to ever happen in the United States and see how it compares!

Some of the Worst Hail Storms in US History

Wateree River, South Carolina, 1784

The Wateree River sits just outside of Columbia, South Carolina. Residents in the area got quite a surprise nearly 250 years ago when a hail storm swept through the area. Local News outlets reported that the hail during this storm reached an incredible 9 inches around. The hail was big enough to kill a number of livestock, including sheep and geese, along with several people. If the area had been more populated at the time, it probably would have been much worse!

Denver, Colorado, 1990

Jump forward about 200 years and you’ll discover another incredible hail storm. This one started in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains. The storm reached 10 miles wide at one point, dropping baseball-sized hail on residents as it traveled south and east. Tens of thousands of vehicles were damaged by the storm, along with 47 people who had been on rides at a local amusement park. The damages totaled over $600 million!

San Antonio, Texas, 2016

Locals report that the hail reached grapefruit size during this hail storm! It’s easy to believe when you see the damage that was caused to homes, cars, trees, and other personal property. In all, the damage from this storm totaled $1.4 billion. That’s the most expensive storm in the history of the State of Texas. Car damage totaled almost half of that figure, with more than 110,000 vehicles damaged during the storm.

The Biggest Hail On Record

What’s the biggest piece of hail you’ve ever seen? According to officials, the biggest piece of hail on record measures a whopping eight inches in diameter and weighs nearly two pounds. It fell on Vivian, South Dakota in 2010.

We Can Help With Hail, Big and Small

While these stories and statistics are fascinating, we know that even small hail can do big damage. That’s why our dent puller in Kansas City is here to help! Whether you have minor hail damage or your car looks like it’s been through a hail war, our team can get it looking like new again. It only takes a couple minutes to fill out the necessary paperwork, then you’ll get keys to your free rental vehicle and be on your way. In no time at all, our team will contact you to let you know the repairs are complete. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or contacting us through our website to get the hail damage on your vehicle repaired right away!