With hail damage season right around the corner, you might end up being one of the many unlucky auto owners whose car is covered in ugly dents. Worse yet, you may have broken glass! So what do you do when one of your most valuable possessions goes from a beauty to a beast?

There a few things you want to do right away!

The first is assess the hail damage. If there is no broken glass (i.e., sunroofs, side or back windows), we would recommend driving it through a car wash to remove any debris, since your vehicle will likely be covered with leafs and sticks if parked near trees.  Then, try and find a shady spot to park under. This will allow you to see the hail damage dents on your vehicle. But don’t stop there! Check your brake lights and mirrors for safety. Truck owners, climb in the bed and check the 3rd brake light.  These often crack and will begin to fill with water. They can also leak inside your vehicle and ruin your headliner! So, if you see a crack, make sure you cover it with durable clear tape until you can get it into a body shop.

Second, call your insurance company and let them know that you were just affected by the hail damage from the storm. They will ask you basic questions and at the end of the conversation, you will be given a claim number. Write that down, and keep it for your records. You have now covered your bases!

The third step is finding a company to do the hail damage repair work. That is going to be one of our upcoming blogs. So stay tuned!

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-The Hail Gurus