Hail In a Handbasket

It’s an antiquated phrase, but a handbasket (are there any other kinds of baskets?) is still a convenient place to gather the gourd-sized hail that’s been bestowed upon your now-damaged car. If you’ve never experienced a Texas hail storm before, then welcome to your first of many; summer is always the busy season for us here at Hail Gurus. When spring gives way to summer and summer stubbornly digs in its heels, you can rest assured that hail isn’t far behind throughout several stormy episodes during the season. And, if you’re unaware, summer is (or at least feels like) the longest season all throughout Texas.

If you’re lucky enough to have been indoors during the most recent hail storm in and around Dallas, then stepping outside to find your car resembling a target for amateur golfers may quickly supplant that feeling of relief with mixed emotions of annoyance and anger amidst a torrent of some select words. But, lucky you, you live in an area with the best hail damage repair services in the Lone Star State. We’re talking about us, of course! If you’re not already familiar with our hail damage repair process, keep reading and we’ll break it down for you. And, if you’re like the scores of clients who come to us seeking hail damage repair, you likely have a  few questions before we begin. So, forget for a moment the dents and dings in your car and read on to learn more about our process.


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How Do You Repair the Hail Damage?

Let’s get this one taken care of right off the bat. The Hail Gurus are proud to offer paintless dent repair to get your car back in road-ready condition. PDR involves removing minor dents and dings done to your car by the forces of hail. The process requires utilizing a series of specially-crafted tools to perform tough work in a gentle manner on your car’s hood, body, and trunk. We use use metal rods and picks to gently massage away those pesky dings and dents by going under the car’s body, meaning that certainly no additional scratches will be placed on your car’s paint. Similarly, glue made especially for the hail dent removal process can be used on the outside of the car to gently pull dents, restoring your car’s body to its normal state. One of the great things about PDR is that it can be used on both aluminum and steel panels, no matter the make or model of your car. This process is our bread and butter approach to giving your car the return to former glory it deserves.


How Long Does Your Awesome Hail Damage Repair Process Take? I’ve Got Things To Do

All of you busy bees out there needn’t worry. Our hail damage repair process rarely takes longer than a few hours or a full business day, depending on how many people in the Dallas area were affected by the hailstorm. However, just because our process doesn’t take long doesn’t mean that it isn’t involved and we’re trying to get through the process quicker than your car requires; we didn’t become the Hail Gurus without earning our skill through countless hail damage repair projects. Over time, we’ve learned to execute our hail damage repair science into an art form, and your dinged up car is our canvas. . . but one that’s already been painted and covered in dents and dings. Consider it performance art.  

But while we’re committing another art project to the books, you won’t be left sitting idly by or waiting in a stuffy waiting room. We know your life doesn’t come to a halt when hail puts a damper on your day. That’s why we offer each of our clients car rental (included in the cost of your repair) so you can keep on keepin’ on while we restore your car to its pre-hail state. How cool is that?


Can I Expect the Dents to Return?

While we’re gurus, we’re not soothsayers. But the only time you can expect this dents to return is when the clouds darken, the rain starts, and the hail follows. This is Texas, after all, so the odds of us being struck by another hail storm this season is pretty likely. However, take a look at our previous blog for some tips on making sure that you don’t have to return to us more times than need be. But as far as the dents we pulled and the dings we doctored go, those are gone for good. Our paintless dent repair process has a stellar track record of removing those darn dents and ensuring they’re lost to the sands of time. When you come in for hail damage repair and you drive away in your free rental car, you can drive away knowing that, when you return, you won’t be greeted with hidden, soon-to-return dents.


Call The Gurus Today

If your car’s been damaged and you’re still searching for a hail damage company to give your car the structural face lift it so badly needs, quit reading now and give us a call or shoot us an email so we can get to work on your car ASAP. You don’t want your dents setting longer than need be. Plus, the sooner you get your car in, the sooner you’ll be back on the road. As always — Get the ‘Gurus!