When You’re Car’s Catching Hail

Texas has some of the most expansive, winding, and straight-as-an-arrow stretches of highway found anywhere in the country. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving through Dallas during rush hour (which, at this point, is more like rush hours), you know that it’s impossible to escape the throng of cars and trucks that pack the highways that weave in and out of the city. It’s bad enough when it’s 100-plus degrees outside and you’re sitting on top of asphalt that’s basically become the state’s biggest oven.

But, what’s that in the sky? That fiery ball of gas that seems to have a special vendetta against Texas has disappeared. Now, at least you’re stuck in traffic with some shade and a light breeze. However, five minutes into your radio show, rain begins to fall. You roll your window up in time to see what looks like melting ice drip onto your windshield, followed by even more slush and, eventually, marble-sized balls of ice determined to penetrate your car’s exterior. Before you know it, you can barely see the cars around you as the rain and hail have all but blinded your line of sight.

This is a terrifying situation and, not to scare you, but Texas’ hailstorms certainly have the potential to harm or hurt not only your car, but do serious damage to your body should you be exposed to it. Texans may be tough, but we aren’t invincible. If you find yourself caught in a hail storm, don’t try to go through hail: hide from it. We provide hail damage repair to cars, not humans, so keeping your car dent-free is the least of your worries. You can always call us once you’re safe from the hail. Take a peek below to learn more about staying safe during a hail storm.


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Get Off The Road/Stay on The Road

Ok, we know at heading may not make much sense, but hear us out;  we’re talking about two different scenarios here. If you find yourself in the awful situation we described at the beginning of this piece, then you should absolutely stay in your car. You can’t move your car, so exitting and running haphazardly into the chaos of cars and hail isn’t exactly your best bet for safety. If the hail doesn’t get you, a panicked motorist might, and that’s not good for anyone. Instead, stay on the road and stay in your car.

We know this might sound like common sense (and it absolutely is), but even Texans can be unnerved during chaotic events like a hail-stricken parking lot on I-20. If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in the right- or left-hand lane and can safely pull over, do so. Once you’ve pulled over, sit tight; hail has been known to stop just as suddenly as it began — and then repeat until the clouds have purged themselves of their droplets of damage.


Get Down

We’re not talking about blasting some funky jams and dancing (but, hey, more power to you if you can find a way to boogie during a hailstorm in your car). Rather, we’re talking about getting your rear in the floor and getting up close and personal with your car’s floor. Not only will this method keep you safe, but it’s good motivation to keep your car’s interior clean once you make it back to safety. If you’re like the millions of Americans who have random articles of clothing, towels, and blankets in their cars, make sure you grab one of those and cover yourself with it. Hail has a personality that flirts the line between dangerous and destructive; if it shatters your windshield or windows, the cascade of glass will be no welcomed sensation — especially when coupled with hail.

If your window breaks, the blanket will keep the sharp edges and rougher pieces of hail from tearing skin. It certainly won’t be comfortable, but it’ll be enough to keep you safe through a light to moderate hail storm. Broken glass and window-shattering hail may not sound like light or moderate hail, but when it’s common for Texas to get softball-sized hail, the smaller fellas are semi-tolerable, albeit annoying and damaging, guests. If you don’t have a blanket or thick clothing, do your best to wedge yourself under your seat(s) as best as possible. If nothing else, get your head under the seat and cover your neck with your hands if you can. It won’t feel good, but it beats catching repetitious blasts of sky ice to the dome.


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Once You’re in The Clear

After the storm’s passed, exercise caution when getting up from the floorboards; you’re likely going to be surrounded by shards of glass and ice. If you’re windows or windshield are broken, don’t try driving. Even if it looks like all of the glass has been broken from your windshield, there’s probably dozens of smaller pieces tucked away between your car’s body and windshield liner, waiting to be pried free from just the slightest help from wind and bumps in the road. Instead, call a tow truck, get off the road, and find yourself the beverage of your choice. Hey, you made it through a hail storm with your face shoved under your seat — you deserve it. If your car doesn’t appear to have any glass damage, give the Gurus a call. We’ll get your dinged up car dent-free in no time and, before you know it, you’ll be crawling along I-20’s unofficial parking lot in no time. As always: don’t get mad — Get the Gurus!