Hail Hath Fury

If you’ve lived in or visited Texas, Oklahoma, or Missouri during the spring or summer, you’ve more than likely experienced or seen the warnings for a severe weather event, such as a tornado or one of the region’s famous thunderstorms. While these weather events are quite the sight, they have the potential to bring about untold amounts of destruction. However, it doesn’t take a massive twister to damage your car. Because of this region’s unique geography, we receive hefty amounts of hail every season. This amount of hail often signals the need for quick auto glass repair, as countless cars across the region are sure to be pegged and dinged with hail from the size of a pea to some sized similarly to a softball. While most hail is generally the size of (or just slightly bigger than) the former, even seemingly tiny balls of hail can make your car look like it was used for pellet gun target practice. If —well, probably when — this happens to your car, you’re likely to have a slew of questions. And understandably so! If you’re one of the few who doesn’t have their handy hail damage specialists at the ready, read on to learn more about our hail damage repair services, and how we can get you back on the road in no time!


“What fresh hail is this?! The storm pummeled my car! What do I next?”

While not all of our callers are panicked, we rarely receive calls that aren’t at least a bit rushed. And rightfully so! When you survey the damage to your property after a hail storm and find that your car now resembles the surface of the moon, your first response isn’t likely to be one that exudes calmness. However, no need to panic; the Hail Gurus are never far away to provide fast, efficient, and customer-focused hail damage repair service. First things first: call us, click us, or come by to begin the process. It doesn’t take long, and then we’re on to getting your car back in its pre-hail damage shape.


“Ok, I finished the paperwork. Now what?”

We promise that filling out the paperwork required for your hail damage repair won’t take long; we know you’ve got places to be, and we don’t want to keep you off the road any longer than you’ve already been. But how do we get you back on the road so quickly, even though you just recently dropped off your car? Easy: we give you your own rental car, free of charge. That’s right: each Hail Gurus hail damage repair job affords you the freedom the get back on the road while we take care of the dents, dings, and damages done to your car. How sweet is that?


“Whoa. You’re already calling me back to tell me my car is ready. That was fast!”

We know time can crawl by when you’re waiting to hear about the state of your car. The Hail Gurus know your time is valuable, and we want our hail damage repair services to reflect that. However, a quick fix doesn’t mean a subpar repair job. We know our craft, and we’ve developed our craft into a science, giving you the best and most customer-focused hail damage repair job in the tri-state area.


When Life Gives You Hail

When surveying the hail damage after a storm, it’s never a welcomed surprise to see that your car is now lavishly decorated with pings, dings, and dents. When you find your car in poor shape after a storm, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns. And remember: when life gives you hail, we’re here to give it right back.