Gimme Shelter

Before we kick off another blog entry, let us start by saying that, yes, the obvious solution to avoiding hail damage is to just pull your car under your garage. But what if you don’t have a garage? Checkmate, naysayers! When you don’t have the option of parking your car under the safety of a garage or covered parking structure at your home, you’re obviously more exposed to the elements. And, in Texas, our elements can sometimes mean the difference between a brand new car and a car that looks like it was used as target practice at the shooting range. So, if you’d prefer your car to remain dent-free (or at least limited from the impending storms), take a look below for a few tips and tricks for keeping your car in good shape the next time hail passed over town.


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Hail Hinderer Number Three: Raid Your Closet

When you get a severe weather update on your phone or you TV informs you that hail is on the way, your first instinct probably isn’t to go into the linen closet to grab armfuls of blankets and larger items. Why would you do that, anyway? Excellent questions! While it might not be the most stylish or aesthetically pleasing approach to keeping your car as safe as possible during a hailstorm, covering your car’s roof, hood, windows, and windshields with blankets is usually enough to ward off the worst of the storm. It may not be ideal for keeping your blankets in the best of condition, but, hey, which is cheaper: new blankets, or a new windshield, windows, and hail damage repair? Even with our seasoned service offering the best hail damage repair rates in Dallas, we still cost a bit more than a new blanket.


Hail Gurus Pro Tip: If the idea of tossing several blankets on your car isn’t what you had in mind, or you want some extra protection from the storm, you can always grab some moving blankets and tarp ahead of time to keep on hand. Place the moving pad(s) over as much of your car as you can, then place the tarp over it. This adds an extra layer of protection, (ideally) keeps your blankets dry, and tying the tarp over your car helps ensure the blankets — the components actually providing the padding — stay in place when the bottom falls out of the clouds.


Hail Hinderer Number Two: Know Where Covered Lots are Located

If you’re like the millions of Americans who work nine to five, you spend a good chunk of time away from your home. When you’re out and about, it can be a nightmare when you get caught in a hail storm. In our previous blog, we covered what to do if you find yourself stuck in a cascade of hail. While it’s probably going to happen eventually, getting yourself and your car to a covered lot/garage is one of the best ways to avoid hail damage. But who in the world has a mental catalog of places along their daily drive that offer covered parking? It’s a big city, so there’s probably someone who does, but, for the rest of us, adding the addresses of area we know to have covered parking structures to our phones/GPS is one of the best ways to find a safe place to pull under when you’re out on the road. This may not solve all of your problems, but it’ll give you a leg up if your phone lets you know hail is on the way when you’re driving to-from work.


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Hail Hinderer Number One: Floor Mats

Yep. Floor mats, the unsung heroes of cars. These guys don’t get the attention they deserve: they keep our car’s interior clean, they themselves are easy to clean, and they can be changed out when need be. But, if you’re not fortunate enough to have any other means of protecting your car from that unforeseen hail storm, grabbing your floor mats from your car and draping them across your windshield or hood can be enough to protect your car from the worst of the storm. Particularly, if you have rubber floor mats, these handy guys are sure to keep at least some parts of your car ding-free during the storm.


Hail Gurus Pro Tip: Just like keeping blankets in your car in case you find yourself stranded from shelter during the storm or to place on your car if you have time, getting/keeping a larger floor mat (like those usually found in the back seats of SUVs and some smaller cars) are great for covering wider swaths of your car and are usually heavy enough to stay in place during lighter and less-destructive hail storms.


Keep a Cool head During A Hail-acious Event

It can be difficult (and seemingly impossible) to stay calm during a hailstorm, but if you have even a few minutes of heads up time, you can keep your car (and yourself) safe from the impending storm. But if these tips aren’t enough to keep your car dent-free, don’t hesitate to give the ‘Gurus a call today to schedule your hail damage repair services with us. As always: don’t get mad — Get the Gurus!