Many of you reading this now might wonder to yourself, ‘Why would an automotive hail damage dent removal and repair company have a blog?  Fair Question. And for the first several years of our dent removal business, we wondered the same thing. But, as our company has grown in size, we have become a nationwide company helping thousands of people with automotive hail damage repair each year. And from that came two pretty apparent realizations:

  1. Almost all of our customers have the exact same concerns and questions.
  2. Areas that are affected by hail are rarely hit multiple times within a five-year window.

So, what does that mean? The answer: most people have never gone through the hail damage repair process. Or if they did, they have forgotten what to do.

It was out of those two themes that our blog was born! At its core, this blog is intended to provide real value to those who are affected by hail damage FOR FREE! All of our topics are the result of questions from people just like you! Have a topic? Shoot us an email!

We hope to hear from you soon!

-The Hail Gurus